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          Service is in beta


          Spyse is a cybersecurity search engine which collects and maintains tons of valuable information about SSL/TLS certificates. Our SSL lookup service will assist you in exploring comprehensive digital certificates data and organizing it using a variety of adjustable filters.
          Massive SSL Data
          Explore broad digital certificate data, with serial numbers, certificate types, their status and expiration dates - everything you need for analysis and keeping your network safe.
          Access Our Database
          We store a massive amount of information about SSL certificates (including old records) to make sure that the data is instantly accessible. The database updates on a regular basis.
          Permanent Monitoring
          We give you an opportunity to scan the web permanently in order to collect insightful information about all digital certificates. You can also set up notifications if you want to be informed when certificates are about to expire.
          Who Needs Our Service
          Site Owners
          Running a website uninterruptedly can be challenging with attackers always hunting for security vulnerabilities.Site owners can maintain their digital certificates, SSL or TLS, search for expiration dates and ensuring timely renewal. This tool also shows a TOP list of expiring certificates
          Pentesters and Security Engineers
          For security experts, SSL lookup to test the defence capabilities of their network and prevent attackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities. This is also a good way to get insight into a business and see whether they are trustworthy entities
          Certificate Resellers
          Resellers profit greatly from the SSL lookup tool. They can gather a list of expired digital certificates, targeting parties who might be interested in renewing them. This tool also helps to check out regions with the largest amounts of issued certificates and sort them by type: DV (domain validation), OV (organization validation), and EV (extended validation)
          State Your Query
          You may use any search term to get information on SSL certificates, including organization name, domain, country, IP or subnets
          Apply Filters
          Use filters to sort data into manageable chunks which make broad data easy to work with
          Contact SSL/ TLS Certificate Owners
          The SSL certificate scanner reveals the owners of digital certificates and provides full contact details on respective organizations and business individuals
          Sign up on Spyse to gain full access to all our tools and features.

          We give you free credits when you sign up, refilling them monthly. Use these credits on any other Spyse service.

          What you will get?
          Spyse Pricing

          We employ a credits system which allows you to use all our tools simultaneously.

          Sign up to receive 3 credits which you can use right away. For these three credits you can perform 300 SSL searches/download 6k rows of data, filter the result page and get access to our public API. Also, every month you receive one free credit.

          Use Public API
          We provide full access to our API to all Spyse users, registered or unregistered.
          Application Programming Interface, or API as a shorthand, is a group of computational procedures and methods used by IT specialists to optimize a development process and improve the interaction between various applications and other software deliverables.You can use our public API and integrate it with your software, benefiting from using Spyse quicker and more conveniently. The API is flexible and lends itself to use a variety of ways, which you can test for free. Sign up, and get 3 credits to fully test the service.The API token can be found on the main page of your user cabinet
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          Enterprise plan
          Need more data or custom features? Feel free to contact us
          Filtering and pagination will use Credits
          Filtering and pagination will use Credits
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